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Adequate accommodation is provided on the school premises. All necessary facilities are provided, including a good security network and the presence of capable hostel masters and mistresses to take care of students. Boarders go to church on Sundays (Catholic and Protestant). Muslims go to the mosque on Fridays. Group visits are arranged for school/class excursions. Prep periods are closely supervised. Students are expected to be back and in the hostel before 6:00 pm on Sunday following the resumption of school after mid-term or term breaks.


  •  Students are not allowed to bring any other type of clothing apart from their school uniforms into the school. We understand that new students will report on the first day of school dressed in their own clothes and this is the only time such outfits will be allowed. However, they are expected to take these clothes back home during the mid-term break and not return with them. Subsequently, all students must return to school at the end of each break dressed in the appropriate school uniform.


  • For the protection of our students and the security of the school, students are not allowed to keep or carry cash on them while on the school premises. Parents are to pay any monies for the convenience of their child into the school account. We will disburse this to the student as the need arises, to make purchases from the school convenience store or elsewhere, when necessary. Whatever money is leftover at the end of the term will be returned to the student.


  • In order to control distractions, students will eat food and snacks provided through the school kitchen only. We take the responsibility of ensuring our students are fed well with nourishing food; therefore beverages and other edibles are not allowed to be kept by students.


This rule is for the good of our students and thus will be strictly enforced.


The school is equipped with a full library. The library is open from 8.30 am till 10 pm, Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 9 am till 2 pm. Students should make maximum use of this opportunity.

The school has a culture of reading and all students are encouraged to join the book club. Each student is requested to bring 3 novels per term which will be circulated among his/her classmates.

This, we believe, will enhance their academic performance. Students listen to national news once a day and hold conferences on current affairs.


For security reasons, every student will receive two ID cards. One is to be with the student at all times; the other is to be in the custody of the parents /custodians and must be presented to school authorities whenever they or any of their representatives want to visit or pick up their child during midterm and term breaks.

For pickups, parent/guardian must call ahead of time to notify school authorities as to whom they are sending.


Persons (other than parents or guardians), who come to visit or pick up students during midterm or term breaks must identify themselves with the school ID.

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