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We prepare our students for the following examinations:               


  • GCE O’Level. This is usually taken toward the end of the first term of the SS3 class.

  • Senior Secondary Certificate Examination organized by WAEC and NECO. These are usually taken at the end of the second term of the SS3 class.

  • SAT AND TOEFL for those who may wish to study abroad (where applicable).


Students are not allowed to attempt these exams until they get to the appropriate class. The school cannot certify or give testimonials to students until they fulfill the academic requirements.

Students abandoning their schoolwork /program for such examinations stand the risk of being expelled from the school.

Students who without good reason, depart from school before the end of their academic program will not be issued a certificate or testimonial.


All students must attain a        minimum of 65% in all their subjects throughout the term. 

Students need an average of 65% in 10 subjects, including Mathematics, English, Information Technology, and a Nigerian language, in order to be promoted in the JSS classes.

Students require an average of 66% in 6 subjects including Mathematics and English to be promoted in the SS classes.

The school will give the first two copies of transcripts to students who request them and charge N 3,000.00 (Three Thousand Naira) per copy for extras.

Students leaving the school must give notice of one full term or pay a full term fee in lieu of notice. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of transfer certificates.

Saturday lessons are organized as the need arises.



These will be organized on various topics – morals, motivation, attitudes, careers, science, etc.


These will be vigorously pursued and monitored for all students.

Teachers are assigned to guide students in the hostels after class hours in their academic work.


We require that our teachers be professional and diligent in their work; gifted in teaching, with a deep love for their students and their subjects. We require that they clearly understand classical education; how it works in their classrooms and how their work fits into the mission of our school. We desire to see them serve as academic mentors to our students, doing all it takes to ensure the students perform at superior academic levels while remaining well-grounded in morals and discipline.


We realize the importance of Mathematics in everyday life and recognize current technological breakthroughs in the subject.


Our mathematics teachers are determined to improve the performance of students through the application of various strategies such as group tutoring as well as one-on-one interaction for those students with a greater need.



Our students take responsibility for their own actions.

Good progress and good behavior are rewarded.

Unsatisfactory work or behavior is not acceptable.

Serious problems are handled by the disciplinary committee with parents.

Sanctions include suspension or expulsion.

Award trophies for various
achievement areas.

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