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Dear Reality DearVR Music 1.2.2 melvine




mp3 track and let your favorite musicians play music as you want them to. Insert a microphone and a MIDI keyboard to add vocals to the song and make the performance your own. But there's more. With the #featuredplugin on this page, create a truly customized virtual reality musical experience. --- # Choose Your Song Let us provide you with a track that can be used as a starting point for your project, or choose a track from the Library, or upload one yourself. Make sure that the track contains a key signature and select your instrument, as well as your voice, in the appropriate track within the plugin. # MIDI or Kontakt? In #featuredplugin there are two ways to insert a MIDI track. You can either use the MIDI Edit Screen or the Direct Input box. The MIDI Edit Screen opens a MIDI editor with the track already set up, no need to make any changes. If you have a MIDI keyboard, that's great, otherwise, just type in the MIDI notes you want to use. The Direct Input box is an alternative method for inserting a MIDI track. A MIDI keyboard can also be used here, or the keyboard can be connected to the plugin. # Choose Your Microphone When using a MIDI track, the mic you want to use should be defined in the track. With Kontakt, the mic can be chosen in the plugin as well. For the best results, you should always use the Mixer, as it shows the microphone levels, as well as the gain. # Using the Direct Input Another alternative for inserting a track is by using the Direct Input box. There, you have the option to use a MIDI keyboard or insert a.wav file. **Choose the Key** # Load your Instrument When you're done setting up the track, you can load the instrument you want to use in the track. The plugin has a Library of instruments, as well as our own instruments. # Choose Your Mixer With the Mixer, you can see which track is being affected by the input, and also which audio effects you have applied to the track. # Check your Volume In case you didn't hear the audio properly, you can boost the audio levels here.




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Dear Reality DearVR Music 1.2.2 melvine

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