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Christ the Saviour Secondary School is a full-boarding, JSS-1 to SSS-3, Imo State Government approved, co-educational institution located in a safe, secure, and serene environment that is free from distraction and suited for learning. It is a highly subsidized educational program designed to give the best in Secondary Education to Students who otherwise would not have been able to afford the highly expensive private schools in Nigeria. The school utilizes individualized learning models, research-and-discover learning techniques, and computer technology to create and maintain a rigorous and intensive academic program while paying attention to students’ moral, spiritual, physical, and cultural formation with the goal of forming students who are intellectually rigorous, socially graceful and morally disciplined.

The attainment of this goal has not been easy as the school has so far been run and sustained with personal finances. Our goal now is to transform the school into a thriving academic campus, preparing students for innovative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial futures.


To this end, the School has initiated the "Ignite The Future Capital Campaign Project." This will involve the expansion of and the building of new facilities that will increase the number of classrooms, strengthen campus security, incorporate flexible learning environments, expand the use of educational technology, and provide a fully equipped Art and Science lab to service students’ innovative ideas as well as maximizing opportunities for exam preparation and undertakings. The goal here is not to create a new and shiny campus, but to provide very simple but functionally effective structures that will provide the resources necessary to continue preparing our students for the most challenging and goal-oriented future in their academic and personal development. 














The expanded Administrative Building will be home to offices, meeting rooms, workspaces for the school’s academic and administrative staff, PTA and Alumni meeting-room needs, and holding areas for visitors and parent-students visitations. This building is projected to cost about $70,000 excluding furnishing. This building will be named, in perpetuity after the benefactor or his/her appointee. If more than one benefactor is involved in the accomplishment of this project, different blocks of the building will be named, in perpetuity,  after such benefactors or their appointees.


The expanded academic building will provide additional classrooms, study breakout rooms, individualized learning spaces, examination halls, private spaces for skill rehearsals and project executions, rooms for computing and technological projects, and restrooms. This building is an integration of 6 different block-areas and will be named, in perpetuity, after any benefactor that builds it, or his/her appointee. If different benefactors undertake to construct this building, different parts of the building block may be named in perpetuity, after a willing benefactor or his/her appointee. This building is projected to cost about $80,000.00, excluding furnishing.


This building is designed to be the spiritual powerhouse of the campus, providing students with space for spiritual worship, class retreats, small group prayer services, individual reflection and spiritual encounters, Eucharistic adoration, and Eucharistic celebrations for students. The Chapel will provide students and the greater CTSSS family, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, a place for individual spiritual encounters, the experience of community, and spiritual wellbeing. The chapel will be named, in perpetuity, after the benefactor that undertakes to build it or his/her appointee. The chapel is projected to cost about $80,000.00 excluding furnishing.


The Science Building is designed to provide a very functional and fully equipped science lab so that students, apart from theoretical learning, can see, handle, understand and manipulate real objects and materials. and consequently develop the ability to make scientific arguments, conduct experiments and review them closely, develop logical reasoning, and respond to analytical comments, as a way of preparing themselves as the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals. This building is projected to cost about $100,000 including lab materials and equipment. The Science Lab will be named, in perpetuity, after the benefactor that builds it or his/her appointee. Benefactors can also elect to sponsor different components of the Chapel building and have those items named in perpetuity after them or their appointees.  




Each of these facilities, built-in its entirety by an individual or entity, can be memorialized and the structure named, in perpetuity, after the name of the donor or his/her appointee.

Classrooms and different blocks of a building can also be memorialized and named after the donor.

The school will maintain an “Ignite The Future Capital Campaign Tree” designed to memorialize individuals and entities who generously donated at the different levels of giving. 

Academic Building


INNOVATORS: Gifts of $100,000 or more

Building Named after Donor

VISIONARIES: Gifts of $50,000 -$99,999

Building Named after Donor

BENEFACTORS: Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999

Block Named after Donor

VANGUARDS: Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999

Classroom Named after Donor

PATRONS: Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

Aggregate Memorabilia Named after Donor

PARTNERS: Gifts of $2,000 - $4,999

Single Memorabilia Named after Donor


ADVOCATES: Gifts of $500 - $1,999

Donors Tree 

FRIENDS: Gifts of $250 - $499

 Donors Tree

DONORS: Gifts up to $250



Click on this link: Download the Letter of Intent and email the signed form to

Lolo Marita Nwaorgu
Associate Director of Advancement
Ignite The Future Campaign Manager
234 - 803 - 711 - 4223

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